I have always been passionate about health, fitness, and well-being, and I have devoted my professional life to exploring the various ways I can enhance the lives of the clients I work together with.

Jayden is a therapeutic massage therapist, personal trainer, fitness instructor and transactional analysis trainee. He is a professional member of the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals, New Zealand Transactional Analysis Association and International Transactional Analysis Association. The various qualifications he holds and the considerable experience he has gained over the past 15 years, has given him a deep understanding into the way the human body functions and performs, something which reaps rewards for both clients, and himself on a daily basis. 

Jayden works onsite with several highly skilled chiropractic doctors and accupunturist, something that enhances his ability to deliver the very best treatment strategies. His physiological and pyschological knowledge in combination with his intutive approach to therapy is utilised to allow the pathway to the very best course of action for optimal results. Areas of expertise include correcting long term chronic pain patterns, improving biomechanical dysfunctions, emotional truama, stress related conditions, optimising athletic and physical perfromance, alleviating headache, neck, back,shoulder and jaw pain.

Qualifications include:

New Zealand College of Massage

  • National Diploma of Therapeutic Massage Therapy 
  • Reflexlogy Certificate
  • Holistic Plusing Certificate

New Zealand College of Fitness

  • Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate

Canterbury College of Natural Medicine

  • Advanced Sports Therapy Certificate

New Zealand Upledger Institute

  • Crainosacral Therapy 1  
  • Crainosacral Therapy 2 
  • Somato Emotional Release 1 
  • Somato Emotional Release 2 
  • Crainosacral and the Immune Response 

New Zealand Barrell Institute

  • Neuromeningeal Manipulation 1
  • Peripheral Nerve Manipulation 2
  • Visceral Manipulation 1 
  • Visceral Manipulation 2

Gestalt Institute of New Zealand

  • Gestalt Pyschotherapy Foundation Year 1

New Zealand Transactional Analysis Asscoation 

  • Foundation Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy TA101
  • Transactional Analysis Certification 4 year Programme 




“A holistic approach to your overall well-being.”


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