Craniosacral Therapy

This involves the therapist placing their hands gently on your head and body to allow them to tune into your craniosacral system. By gently working with your spine, skull, cranial stutes, diaphragms & fascia this helps release restrictions or blockages. These blockages create an inharmonious balance which can cause you to suffer from headaches, muscle and joint strain, emotional disturbances and improper function of your organs and central nervous system. This light touch manual therapy aims to work with your body to boost it's natural healing process. You do not need to remove your clothing during this session!

Craniosacral Therpay is for those who want to

  • Alleviate central nervous system disorders
  • Reduce stress and improve overall health 
  • Relieve specific medical conditions such as OOS / orthopaedic and post surgical dysfunctions
  • Unlock chronic pain patterns and emotional trauma strains

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Decreases head and facial tension - reduces headaches / migraines / jaw pain 
  • Improves the immune system - reduce the incidence of illness
  • Encourages relaxation - deeply relaxing and promotes a better nights sleep
  • Stimulates mind and body connection - facilitates change and promotes natural healing processes

“A holistic approach to your overall well-being.”


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