Deep Tissue Therapy

When your body has chronic knots/adhesions within deep muscles it throws your body balance out of wack causing you to have poor posture, chronic joint and muscle pain making you feel pain! By applying slow deep pressure strokes this aims to stimulate muscles, unlock and break up the adhesions to restore natural movement. Deep tissue massage helps gets to the root cause of your pain by relaxing your tense muscles and increasing your flexibility. Having a personalised treatment can encourage your blood flow to the affected muscles, which can bring an increase of oxygen and nutrients. All of this activity reduces swelling and stiffness and increases flexibility to help you eliminate pain.

Deep Tissue Massage is for those who want to

  • Relieve muscular pains and strains 
  • Increase energy and vitality levels 
  • Decrease stress and tension 
  • Increase flexibility and help remove joint stiffness

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Improves your posture – prime objective is to reduce chronic pain and strains 
  • Increases energy & immunity – more energy throughout the day
  • Relieves headaches, back and neck strain – less disturbances in your life 
  • Reduces health risks – lowers risk of high blood pressure, occupational strain conditions & other diseases.

“A holistic approach to your overall well-being.”


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