Trigger Point Therapy

When your body has painful muscle spasms then there is not adequate blood flow happening! When this occurs, lactic acid accumulates in your muscle which causes you pain by agitating the muscular nerves. This hyper neuromuscular point if left can get so irritated that your body misinterprets the signal because of this overload pain can be felt in more than one place. By using trigger point techniques and treating specific muscles where spasms occur the therapist will apply a continuous pressure where you may feel some discomfort. This is a normal response and as more pressure is applied you will find the discomfort will melt away. As a client you are in charge of your pressure. Most clients say the pressure is a little uncomfortable but in a good way.

Trigger Point Therpay is for those who want to

  • Eliminate chronic pain and re-educate muscle habits
  • Decrease muscular and joint tension 
  • Improve range of motion and coordination
  • Reduce swelling, numbness and tingling

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Helps correct muscle imbalances – treatment for injuries / injure preventative 
  • Unlocks connective tissue restrictions – more movement in your body 
  • Removes toxins and unhealthy biological waste – cleanses your system
  • Helps remove muscle spasms and pain – reduces symptoms of OOS and dysfunctional muscular conditions

“A holistic approach to your overall well-being.”


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