Through regular massage sessions with Jayden I have found relief from tight muscles in my shoulders, neck and upper back. This has alleviated a lot of tension resulting in less headaches, freedom of movement and has assisted in making me more aware of my sitting posture throughout the day.

Jayden's expertise, professional demeanor and calm trustworthy manner provides an extremely satisfying massage and these sessions have proved invaluable for my own health and well being. 

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who experiences stress, pain or tension to contact Jayden for an appointment, discuss their sore points and allow his extensive knowledge and expertise of the human body to assist in reducing the problems.
Sally Van Gaalen

I was introduced to Jayden through my work colleagues, after spending 8 hours a day in front of a computer and suffering regular headaches I thought I’d give a massage a try. 

I was always a little shy, but Jayden soon talked to me and showed me that through his relaxation therapeutic massage and crainosacral techinques I could unwind and really begin to relax. His professional manor and personal style made me feel comfortable enough to start having regular sessions.

I now find it a major part of my routine to have a monthly session and indeed without them I feel wound up, tight and generally uncomfortable.

I recommend any person in a stressful, repetitious job to take a serious look at massage and with Jayden’s professional, yet personal service to top it off, you will soon feel that you can conquer the world.
Sonya Atkinson

Our Company has been lucky enough to have Jayden Smith visit our office on a regular basis to offer our team a 15minute energy break massage.

The staff in our National Bank office team look forward to their monthly treat. Jayden ensure any pain or pressure points are soothed away and will assist our staff to make good lifestyle choices to aid in their recovery and maintenance of any muscular problems ls that they may be having.

We have 22 people in our call centre, where the work tasks are predominantly desk based with up to 300 incoming and outgoing calls made per day, so we have the possibility for a very high incidence of OOS injuries. Our OOS injuries since receiving massage are minimal, in fact any injuries that our employees suffer are usually caused outside of work if any, and the benefit of having an on site massage service means that these injuries do not get neglected.
Gail Mitchell

“A holistic approach to your overall well-being.”


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